Chris Everett

Chris is the visionary leader for the company's strategy, financial planning operations, and business units.  She is an important resource for retirees, pre-retirees and families looking to create a personal wealth solution.  Chris has been helping clients with money decisions for 30 years, and absolutely loves her work.  EWS is now a leading firm on a fiduciary platform insisting that everything we do is in your best interest.  Period.  Read Chris Everett's Message.

Carol lights up the room

Carol lights up the room

Carol Arvis

As the Office Manager aka Love Doctor at Everett Wealth Solutions, Inc., Carol makes sure everything is run at the highest standard of excellence.

Carol has been with EWS for over 10 years.  She believes that there is something new to learn every day which makes the job interesting and challenging at the same time.  

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Todd was a client before he came to help us with marketing/communications.  He also makes sure you are prepared before you come to your meeting.  He's a great guy and we are blessed to have him on the team.

By the way, one day we'll get his real picture posted.


paul michaels
insurance and investment processor

Paul keeps the ball moving and makes sure everything is done right. He has a medical background and is very good at keeping you informed.

We also need to get Paul to sit still for a photo.




Robert Mondo - MBA, JD
Attorney, Wills & Trusts

Bob Mondo advises clients on complex federal statutes and regulations with a current focus on wills and trusts.

Prior to starting his own practice, Bob was a group employee benefits producer and benefits wholesaler for various national health insurance carriers as well as operating his family owned insurance businesses. Bob graduated from Illinois Institiute of Technology – Chicago Kent College of Law with High Honors. He also graduated from Lewis University with a Masters of Business Administration in Finance achieving Magna Cum Laude.