Are you ready for retirement?

At Everett Wealth Solutions, Inc. we abide by a fiduciary standard for financial planning.  Seventy million Americans today are transforming how they live, work and invest.  With people living longer, health care costs rising, pensions disappearing, people living more active lifestyles ... retirees need to be more deliberate than ever before about making their money last.  

60% of retirees will outlive their assets if they expect to maintain their current standard of living.  Do you have a retirement income plan in place?  An investment plan is designed to grow your nest egg in the accumulation phase, before retirement.  A retirement income plan is designed for drawing down your nest egg in the spending phase of your retirement.  Studies show that those with a written retirement plan in place, accumulate three times as much in retirement assets as those without a plan.

What if you could mathematically test your retirement income strategy now, perform regiments to see how it performs over time, under various stress.  Now you can with our complimentary Retirement Income Analysis - by addressing 7 areas using retirees great concern today.  

  1. You will learn how the rising cost of healthcare and how it could decimate your plans for retirement
  2. The need for rising income in retirement to offset the effects of inflation
  3. Your longevity and the real risk of you outliving your assets
  4. Your nest egg.  How much can you safely withdraw each year, so you don't run out of money?
  5. Minimizing income taxes throughout retirement.  What many consider the largest expense in your golden years.
  6. Social Security.  How to extract the largest benefit you're entitled to receive.  Getting that one diction right could potential mean tens of thousands of dollars more in your retirement.
  7. Wealth transfer.  How to use the most tax efficient way to transfer assets to your heirs.


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  • For pre-retirees: Learn the steps to take now to maximize your retirement readiness in preparation for the day you retire.
  • For retirees: Learn how to take the nest egg you worked so hard to accumulate and get the most from your retirement savings.
  • Benefits:
    • Simplify the critical issues in your retirement.  The risks you face, challenges ahead, and the preparations you need to make.
    • Simplify your transition from a retirement savings plan to a retirement income plan.
    • You'll see the results of testing your current plan to verify if it will survive throughout retirement and make the necessary adjustments.
    • Examine the various what if scenarios and the trade-offs you must consider.
    • Have a plan that harnesses all of your resources working together to help maximize your overall income in retirement.
    • Have a process to act as a guide to course correct as circumstances warrant and changes are needed.
    • You'll have clarification about your retirement like never before.


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