EMPLOyer Program Overview

EWS offers unique learning opportunities for companies seeking to enhance their employee benefit package at no additional cost.  Your employees will receive valuable information about wealth building, retirement planning, college planning and funding that may help avoid costly mistakes and save thousands of dollars – all free of charge to you.  As an employer, all you need to do is invite your employees, and let EWS do the rest!

The Employer Benefits Program demonstrates a vested interest in your employees and their families – whether they have concerns about how to pay for college, want to maximize their employee benefits and create wealth, or are approaching retirement in the next five years.

advantages to implementing employer benefits PROGRAM

  • Provides a high-value benefit for your employees at no cost to you
  • Differentiates you from other companies
  • Potentially reduces 401K borrowing
  • Creates employer-employee goodwill


  1. Company invites EWS to educate employees on chosen Presentation Topics  
  2. Employee attends one (or more) of three offered presentations.  
  • College presentations award 500 tuition reward points (value $500)
  • Retirement presentations offer complimentary retirement analysis (value $500)
  • Financial Planning presentations offer complimentary Discover Session (value $500)



Attendees earn SAGE Tuition Reward Scholarship Points valued at $500

Late stage families with students already in high school learn how to:

  • Pay for college without derailing retirement or amassing unmanageable debt
  • Use student and parent tools that earn scholarships
  • Identify their student's best-fit career, supporting majors and college.

Early stage families with grammar school students or younger learn how to:

  • Maximize savings for college
  • Use parent strategies that earn scholarships
  • Guarantee college costs are covered.


Receive a complimentary Retirement Income Analysis:  

Identify key factors before making the decision to retire. 

  • Conservative retirement income strategies with inflation hedges
  • Consider the risk of the rising cost of healthcare 
  • Longevity and the risk of outliving your assets
  • Income taxes throughout retirement  the largest expense in your golden years
  • Optimizing Social Security
  • Safely withdraw from your nest egg without running out of money
  • So many ways to cover the cost of long term care.  Which is best for you?
  • Tax efficiently transfer assets and wealth to your heirs.

What It Takes To Be A Multi-Millionaire

For early to mid-career stage employees:

Create your personal wealth solution.

  • Finding hidden wealth leaks
  • Finding money – cash flow miracles
  • Protecting yourself and your family in ways that are cost effective
  • Saving for emergencies and longer term needs
  • Understand the cost of interrupting the compounding in your savings and investments
  • Maximizing employer benefits
  • Create your personal wealth and retirement that is in alignment with who you are and what you want to accomplish.


CPR - College Planning Relief® is a comprehensive college planning solution that provides your employees with the knowledge they need to make informed college decisions with and for their children.  The cost of a college education is daunting and most parents are unprepared emotional and financially for the major life transitions of sending their child to college.  


SAGE Scholars Tuition Rewards® is the nations largest college savings program devoted exclusively to private colleges and universities.  You earn Tuition Rewards Points (similar to frequent flyer miles - one point equals one dollar) that can reduce tuition obligations at 340+ participating four-year private colleges and universities in 46 states.  Visit SAGE Scholars for a complete list of participating college and universities.


  1. Attend a college planning presentation    – 500 points
  2. Personally meet with a college planner     – 500 points
  3. Meet annually with financial advisor         – 500 points
  4. Qualified referral                                           – 500 points (max 4,500)
  5. Academic program student earned points:
    • high school freshman     – 15,000 points
    • high school sophomore  – 10,000 points
    • high school junior           – 5,000 points
  6. Purchase of specific financial products – total possible Tuition Rewards benefit of up to one full years tuition