EWS services are aligned to help families pay for college without derailing retirement or amassing unmanageable debt.  Parents who plan early, long before high school, have more options and set themselves up to pay less for college.  Late stage college planning includes families with students who are already in High School.  Whether your family is in the early stage of college planning (newborn through middle school age) or have teenagers in high school, we can help you to pay the right price for college, not the sticker price.  We help your student look beyond college and major selection to a career selection in which they are Fit 2 Flourish.  Using college funding tools, calculators and strategies, we will help you understand the best practice for reducing your college expenses. 

College Planning Team
Our EWS Team consists of Financial Planners, a CPA expert in the rules and regulations of higher education, National Association of College Admissions Counselors (NACAC), and Advanced Birkman Consultants.