EWS services are aligned to help families pay for college without derailing retirement or amassing unmanageable debt.  Parents who plan early, long before high school, have more options and set themselves up to pay less for college.  Late stage college planning includes families with students who are already in High School.  Whether your family is in the early stage of college planning (newborn through middle school age) or have teenagers in high school, we can help you to pay the right price for college, not the sticker price.  We help your student look beyond college and major selection to a career selection in which they are Fit 2 Flourish.  Using college funding tools, calculators and strategies, we will help you understand the best practice for reducing your college expenses. 


As a licensed College Planning Relief® (CPR) expert, EWS provides parents with the keys to make informed decisions about the skyrocketing cost of college.  We help prepare students for the college application and selection process using a powerful, easy-to-use methodology. Three simple steps that will take you through the college admissions process so that you do not miss anything along the way.  This process will prepare you for college funding opportunities; as well prepare you for the scholarship interview process.  

CPR put together simple college interactive maps to allow you to zoom into any location in the United States, to see what colleges are available for you in that area.  Students can click on the college location to get an idea of the contact information, and the current college costs.  Getting through the process can be overwhelming if you don’t have a plan.  CPR has laid out the complete process for the parent and the student, so you don’t miss a step.  To make it even easier, all you need to do is follow the step-by-step process to build the student portfolio.  This portfolio will showcase all the student activity and accomplishments you have completed throughout your high school journey.  Whether you start with CPR as a high school Freshman or Junior, the system is broken down into simple chunks, so it won’t interfere with your high school studies or activities.  Each step may take you 10 minutes to complete for the week.  All of your student portfolio information will be in one each to navigate location.

A message from CPR Academic Director Troy Lum

Hear what CPR Academic Director, Troy Lum has to say about the CPR® program.  Click on the video image below to play. 

"I am now lucky to have the opportunity to assist thousands of students around the country achieve their dream of a college education. My passion for excellence and my ‘no problem is too big’ attitude has assisted students to conquer challenges and seize opportunities by taking them further in life."  

Troy Lum, Ed. D., Director of Academic Planning for College Planning Relief®

Do you know what major is right for the career you are exploring?
Use the simple college majors search page to find your answer.  Let CPR do some work for you, with our proprietary build my college list report.  Provide us with the college criteria, and we will generate an extensive report, searching all the colleges in the United States.   Once you have the report in your hands, we encourage you to explore all the colleges in greater detail to eliminate any from your list.

Student Portfolio and Assessments
The best way to save money for college, is to graduate in 4 years.  CPR wants to make sure you are focused on the right path by completing an extensive career assessment, and a learning styles inventory.  This way you don’t add unnecessary years to your college journey, by changing majors or transferring colleges.  Once the assessments are completed, explore some possible careers.  You can search by career name, school subject, career clusters, and even the type of industry. 

My Chances of Acceptance Report
The next step is to save you more money in the way of college application fees. With CPR's proprietary algorithm, we take all the student information and provide you with the chance of acceptance to the college you choose.  Nowhere else can you find this extensive of information tailored to each student.  SAT and ACT test scores can keep you from earning thousands more in scholarship dollars. Using our test prep system will provide you with a solution to increase your scores.  

Financial literacy is extremely important to the college process.  CPR incorporated an online financial literacy game into our program, to ensure your students utilize their money effectively throughout life.

College Planning Team
Our EWS Team consists of Financial Planners, a CPA expert in the rules and regulations of higher education, National Association of College Admissions Counselors (NACAC), and Advanced Birkman Consultants.

College Funding Workshops
Learn how to reduce the run-away cost of college during one of our College Funding Workshops  during which we discuss how to plan for the college funding years that are truly the most expensive years of your life.  Contact us for more information.

Resources to Help Students Navigate College Stresses
Valuable resources to help alleviate the stresses of attending college in order to ensure life-long success.  

Combat Tools in the War for Your Wallet
Learn more about the mistakes parents make when it comes to preparing and paying for college.


The CVS System
Through our affiliation with College Planning Relief® - gain clarity with a College Visit Scoring System to provide a way of measuring how well every school will match up to your student’s expectations.  Using this system and criteria ranking that is derived from the students’ educational objectives, you’ll have a method of evaluating schools beyond visual impressions, prevents relying too heavily on recollection and the school sales pitch and provides an apples-to-apples comparison.

Tuition Rewards
Earn guaranteed scholarships - up to one full year's tuition - at more than 450 participating private colleges and universities through the SAGE Scholars Tuition Rewards® Program. SAGE Tuition Rewards is a unique private college savings program. Tuition Rewards are discounts off of tuition at participating private colleges and universities.

Your Financial Roadmap

When you consider that the University of Illinois costs over $30,000 per year, Indiana University $45,000 and many private colleges over $65,000 per year, it's essential you learn how to reduce the run-away cost of college.  These college funding years are truly the most expensive years of your life.

Aid Eligibility Report
This report will show your calculated EFC (expected family contribution) and the award history of different colleges in a head-to-head format and forecast your out-of-pocket expense at each.  This report could save you thousands of dollars in errant assumptions about the true cost of college.  Additional reports can include a detailed EFC projection for both the FAFSA and CSS PROFILE.

Financial Aid Form Filing
We will help you gather all the necessary financial information, assist and guide you to complete financial aid forms, and then guide you through the award appeal process (if applicable).

College Cash Flow Analysis & Recommendation
Changes in a family’s financial structure may result in greater financial aid eligibility or tax scholarships.  This analysis will show the specific changes and positive impact resulting from implementing various strategies.  This report demonstrates the value of the recommendations and can allow parents an opportunity to make informed decisions.

Retirement Readiness
This process will provide you with a projection of your retirement readiness.   Without this knowledge, parents routinely OVERSPEND on college and find out too late that they have delayed or destroyed their retirement dreams.

Student Academic Roadmap

Discover how an academic roadmap can prepare your student step by step prior to college selection and place them on the path to proper career selection.  Our academic roadmap tools provide a comprehensive solution on the road to academic success.

Individualized College List  
We identify schools that are a good fit for the student’s academic major, learning style, GPA/test scores including:

  • Student-faculty ratio         
  • Standardized test scores
  • Acceptance rates    
  • Total cost-of-attendance and 
  • Average money provided
  • Freshman retention       
  • 4-year graduation rates
  • Tuition discounts

Targeted Scholarship List
This extensive report details each scholarship available to students through the college list developed through our online academic solution, the monetary value, whether renewable or a one-time scholarship, requirements, award deadlines, and websites to access the application for each one.  Save your family countless hours searching for legitimate scholarships.

College Quick Reference
This easy to digest 2-page report is of consistently formatted data on colleges your student may be interested in attending (our database contains over 13,000 US colleges and universities).  No single source provides a more convenient display of:  Cost, Affiliations, Freshman academic profile, Financial detail, Student body enrollment, Majors, Campus characteristics, Award history, Admissions and contact data, Clubs and activities.

The Birkman Assessment
A Birkman Assessment and Consultation with a Fit 2 Flourish Report is helpful if your student is already in college but needs help identifying their best fit colleges, majors and future career paths.  Watch the light bulb turn on for them as they discover careers that play to their strengths, educate them on stress triggers and hard wired needs.  This is also an excellent tool for adults that need a career change.

As a licensed College Planning Relief Specialist, CPR coaches clients on ways to pay less, access financial aid when possible, and create a manageable cash flow plan for college.

Through our affiliation with LEAP, we offer Birkman/Fit 2 Flourish Assessments to maximize your students performance for getting into college and guiding them to the best-fit college, major and future career.