Make An Impact on Families in the Community

This is an organization that I serve as a board member because they make a big impact on families in the community.  Please consider a donation to Parenthesis.  Any amount is fine and donations will be matched dollar-for-dollar by an anonymous donor.  Thank you!

Five To Thrive!  DONATE NOW

Now you can help teen parents at Parenthesis Family Center for only $5

Would you help us provide support for teen moms and other struggling parents?  

Even a donation of only $5 can be used immediately for:

  • Weekly support meetings that include a family meal, transportation and childcare
  • Home visits from a social worker
  • Parent mentoring

It's a fast, easy way to make a big difference in a young person's life, and right now your donation will be matched dollar for dollar!  You won't find a more worthwhile way to give.

Consider this observation from one of our clients

"As a child, I was raised in a physically, emotionally, verbally and even sexually abusive home.  If there is anything I knew, was that I planned on breaking the cycle!  And that I did. As a new parent though, I knew what NOT to do, but I didn’t always know what TO do.  

I found myself struggling with finding the balance of setting boundaries and consequences, without being neither abusive nor lenient.  Parenthesis equipped me with so many tools for the many stages of development.  Simple strategies, like distraction, speaking at eye level, consistency, validating emotions, were foreign to me.  Having a social worker visit my home and support my children’s development and support my parenting as well as my emotional well being, was in fact a LIFE SAVER!"

The work of parenting education helps to break damaging family cycles

Parenthesis Family Center will be expanding it's services as we reach across Austin Blvd. to merge with New Moms Inc.  More information will be coming your way as the merger becomes final.  Your support will continue this important work in our community. 

You can donate now or mail your contribution to the address below.

Find out more at and

Thank you!

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