Inspiring Students to "Think Differently"

During the College Readiness 4 Success "Thinking Differently" conference last week, two Eye to Eye Diplomats shared their stories of triumph over their learning difference.  The presentations were inspiring and thoughtful.  Brianna's parents and Gerald's mother also attended the conference to hear them speak, and were proud.

Several parents have expressed how much the presentations meant to them and to their children. Last week, one of the mothers told us that prior to Saturday, her son had been so discouraged that he didn't want to go to school anymore.  After Saturday, he started talking about being motivated to go to school again and to become a teacher someday who works with students who have learning differences.  That is impressive.

Here are some photos from the event, and from the student art project during the breakaway sessions.  Students were asked to create an invention that would help them in school.  The results were incredible.  From a box of words to help with spelling and reading, to a bully blaster that hypnotizes bullies in school, the students were imaginative and talkative during the project.