STORY: Retirement Planning

Mary:  Plugged a $75,000 Wealth Leak and Improved Retirement Income by 35%

Mary was shopping around for someone who could help her navigate the best outcomes for reliable retirement income.  She found peace of mind going through the 4-Step Process, especially Steps 1 and 2: Discover and Understand. 

It took a while, but Mary found comfort in our willingness to be vulnerable and share our own personal strategies. She learned more about what her investments were costing her and it was a bit of a shock.  Just by reducing her investment costs, Mary identified an almost $75,000 wealth leak that would have unknowingly and very unnecessarily been passed on to her ex-broker in the next several years.  

Mary re-evaluated her tolerance for risk and became educated about investment and income alternatives.  Once she was ready, she made changes that she completely understood.  She was able to create 35% more income for herself without increasing risk.  

Once Mary got clarity about how she wanted to leave her estate to her children, she invited them into the process. Mary was very straight forward with her children indicting they were not invited so they could change any of her decisions, but so they could understand all of her choices and their potential inheritance. 

Mary was also grateful for the attorney relationships we have to make sure everything gets documented correctly and according to her wishes.

 We are now in conversations with her children about how they may be able to create their personal wealth solutions.