STORY: Financial Planning

Greg and Heather:  Got Present to Their Real Money Situation

Greg and Heather married about a year after college, both were making decent incomes and had two children who would be going off to college someday.  Greg knew how to make money but never learned how to manage it.  Heather grew up in a family that watched every penny in order to make ends meet.  Needless to say, there were money disagreements. They each longed for a way to stop arguing about money all the time.

The kids were going to be in high school in the next few years, and though they expected their children to go to college, they had not started saving for it.  They each had a 401k at work, but no emergency savings and way too much debt.  Their best friends referred them to EWS because they could hear the warning signs in their conversations. Their friends also had to learn how to handle money or it may have derailed their own marriage.

With Greg and Heather determined to get the money piece right, we went to work.  We looked at everything in their life that had a dollar sign connected to it.  Everything!  We helped them see:

  • What their retirement may look like if they continued on their current path

  • Where the not so obvious wealth leaks were and how to stop them

  • What would happen if either of them passed away suddenly

  • How a disability would impact their lives

  • How to afford college for both children without going broke

  • How to allocate the investments they had to better align with their risk tolerance

  • How to improve cash flow and their ability to save

  • How to get out of debt, including their mortgage, their students loans and credit cards faster than they ever thought possible (while building savings)

At their last annual review, they said they would never have thought to hire a financial planner if their best friends had not recommended it.  Greg and Heather now have more peace, better protection and more money.