Do you know that losses hurt you much more than gains help you?  Have you already accumulated the level of assets that many are trying to get to?  If so, you may be taking more risk than you need to. EWS can help you see the truth. You either invest your money to increase its value or generate income, and sometimes a mixture of both.  Although your investment goals may be achievable over the long-term, short-term volatility can have a profoundly negative effect on your financial position and peace of mind . . . especially in retirement.  Investments and investment managers that rarely change investment allocation and produce returns that fluctuate broadly in line with stock markets may no longer sit well with you as an investor. 

A truly diversified and dynamic approach that adapts to market change may be more suitable.  An approach that has the flexibility to actively invest across diverse asset classes seeking the highest probability of positive returns while attempting to avoid areas of increasing potential for loss of principal may be warranted.  The time might be right for a sophisticated investment approach with the ability to add value in both up and down markets.


investor choice and Risk Potential

We utilize a range of actively managed investment portfolios offering you a choice of investment returns in a simple to understand, openly communicated,  cost-efficient account structure.  This provides you with the choice to select suitable investment options while providing  flexibility when your needs or market characteristics change.  You choose the portfolio option that best matches your investment goals.

Because one size rarely fits all.


Providing Personalized Investment Solutions

Portfolio strategies are available with a range of investment options that you can mix and match according to your specific investment needs and goals.

  •  Worried about Inflation?
  •  Need More Income?
  •  Concerned about Taxation?
  •  Need to Diversify a large Stock Holding?

We utilize the investment methods of many large institutions and endowments and make them available to retail investors through our select group of money managers.


A custodian is a financial institution that has certain regulatory responsibilities for assets in a customer's brokerage account.  EWS as a registered investment advisor, is required to have a custodian.  Investments that you entrust to our firm are placed in custody with Interactive Brokers - one of the largest clearing providers in the industry.  A clearing firm is an organization that, among other things, handles the execution, clearance, and settlements of transactions.  When you're selecting your financial advisor, considering who your advisor uses to custody your investments can be critical.  EWS also provides an alternative to the large clearing house money manager experience through Betterment Institutional - an online automated platform where clients use one login to access and manage multiple portfolios with Betterment's intuitive dashboard.  With Interactive Brokers and Betterment, EWS is able to offer the flexibility to invest in variety of ways.

How does INTERACTIVE BROKERS work for you?

An experience, reputable firm helping to protect your assets and privacy.  For more than 30 years, Interactive Brokers has built an international reputation of integrity and financial management expertise. 

Protection For Your Investments
At Interactive Brokers your assets are covered by the SIPC up to $500,000, including cash claims limited to $250,000.

Access to an Extensive Range of Products and Services for Your Portfolio
Diversification is important to the job of managing your money for maximum returns and minimal risks.  Working with Interactive Brokers gives EWS access to a wide range of products and services by third party firms - that can help us strive to achieve your financial objectives.


Betterment portfolios are designed to achieve optimal returns at every level of risk.  Through diversification, automated rebalancing, better behavior, and lower fees, Betterment customers can expect 4.30% higher returns than a typical DIY investor.

Featuring Tax Loss Harvesting
The Betterment Tax Loss Harvesting+ systematically finds embedded capital losses to lower investment taxes and increase after-tax returns.

Customized Portfolio Allocation
Each investment portfolio is designed to get customers optimal investor returns. The Betterment goal-based investing framework and advice algorithm let customers know if they are on track to reach their investment goals like Retirement or a Safety Net Fund in seconds.

Automation and Passive Investing
We recommend a globally-diversified, passive portfolio of 12 asset classes, tailored for your risk and time horizon.  Years of research and Nobel Prize-winning Modern Portfolio Theory are the foundation of our proven investment method.

Delightful Design
The platform has been called "the Apple of Finance," in part because of their delightful user experience.  Use one login to access and manage multiple portfolios with our intuitive dashboard. We offer the flexibility to invest in taxable accounts, IRAs, and trusts.